The Tale of Laurence Fishburne

After a brief visit to the Windy City a few weeks back, I realized I should share the comical tale of Laurence Fishburne…

On a cold April day, a gal pal and myself headed to Chicago for some quick shopping and an alumni event. I say cold, because I dressed for style and not for the weather. Because why wouldn’t you plan all your outfits for the glamour of the big city?

While in Chicago, we were blessed to stay at the Waldorf Astoria, a beautifully, fantastic hotel. During our stay, we discovered we were not only staying in the same hotel, but on the same floor as actor Laurence Fishburne, best known for playing Morpheus in The Matrix trilogy.

After a fly-by passing as we came off the elevator onto the 26th floor, Mr. Fishburne became our topic of conversation during dinner, with one of two Uber drivers, and during after dinner drinks in the hotel bar. As we were continually discussing Laurence, a hush comes over the bar as he enters and takes a seat. I nudge my gal pal on the leg to draw her attention to Laurence, who with a friend orders a drink and sits in casual conversation.

For the next half our, we text our various family and friends with the exciting news that we are in the same bar as Laurence. We pow-wowed while trying to decide if we should go ask for a photograph. But alas, we were chicken and no photo was taken of us with Mr. Fishburne.

As Laurence Fishburne left the bar, we made one last ill-fated attempt. A compliment here and a compliment there did result in a polite “thank you” from Mr. Fishburne. We cannot forget about the starstruck fan-girl wave provide by myself. I just had to embarrass myself in front of a celebrity. Ha!

We tried to swallow our regret of not asking for a picture or even buying him a drink. Justifying that we did not ask out of respect for him. Oh well, at least we will always have the 26th floor of the Waldorf.

Until the next, not-so fabulous maven fail.



The Revolution of a Maven

And so we begin…

Welcome ladies and gentleman to my revolution, the revolution of a lifestyle maven and the fabulous (let’s be honest… the not-so fabulous) accounts of my life. I am your host for this journey, and here is a brief introduction of me… I am twenty-something wife, mother, lover of wine and make up and most days a wannabe writer trying to discover my dream.

I originally started to blog about a year ago. What was an inspired idea to create my first blog eventually became a couple of failed attempts. Here we are a year later and with the somewhat drunken persuasion of a friend (plus the start of a blog revamp) I am putting my best foot forward to give this outlet a real shot.

So here it goes. Check back to be entertained!