The Struggle of a Maven- Episode 1

When it comes to writing, for some it comes easily. For others, the struggle to complete a writing task is constant. Is it possible to always be a writer struggling with writers block?

For me, writing is just that struggle. My mind is rich with thoughts; ideas for the perfect piece. However, without the immediate attention given to pen and paper, my thoughts eventually lose shape.

Downfalls of the struggle- Thoughts and ideas lose the momentum of becoming something great without consideration of jotting those thoughts to paper. Writers block ensues due to self-induced tactics of preparedness.

Tips to overcome the struggle- Take control of a situation where thoughts and ideas should be noted, whether that be on paper, on a computer, a phone, or a napkin. Always, take the time to write.

I have challenged myself to take the time to write. Each day my challenge is to not just take the time, but make the time. I can prove to myself that my writers block is truly self-induced. I can overcome.

Maven Tale Fabulous Fortune of the Week: Make a change for you. This change should help to make a better you. As noted above, my change is to make writing a priority, and to change my poor writing habits. Writing is one of my great passions, I should indulge that passion daily. Make that change for your passion. Overcome.

Until the next, not-so fabulous maven fail.

Cheers. xx